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Hydraulic cylinders and fluid power circuits | Unidro Contarini

Our references

of components
for hydraulic cylinders
and fluid power circuits

Our references

With solid experience in the field, UNIDRO CONTARINI gives advice on the implementation of a wide range of products.




Very diversified, the clients of UNIDRO CONTARINI are large accounts, small and medium enterprises, small and medium industries, or resellers in fields as varied as :




Désileuse Désileuse pailleuse PailleuseBineuse 



EpampreuseEpampreuse Epampreuse Epampreuse




Fendeur de bûche Fendeur de bûche Fendeur de bûche Fendeur de bûche




  Nacelle Nacelle Nacelle Nacelle 




Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance 



A partnership in progress

UNIDRO CONTARINI is a member of the IPH international group.
Guaranteeing development of its skills, in the service of its clients.


Unidro Contarini covers a range of hydraulic products from motors and gear pumps to planetary motors, transmissions, hand pumps and reservoirs, valves and distributors, hydraulic generators, mobile filtration systems and reservoirs, faucets and diverters, fittings, etc. Our specialization in cylinders and all of their components includes most bearing attachment systems, oscillating base rod end bearings, connectors, sockets, forks, etc., guaranteeing you customized service.
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