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Hydraulic cylinders and fluid power circuits | Unidro Contarini

of components
for hydraulic cylinders
and fluid power circuits

Our firm

Since 2000, UNIDRO CONTARINI has placed its skills and know-how in the field of trade in hydraulic components at the service of its clients.

Specialized in the sale of hydraulic cylinders and components, UNIDRO CONTARINI has been able to expand its product line to cover most requirements for hydraulic equipment. Pumps and gear motors, planetary motors, distributors and hydraulic valves are only a part of our large catalog.

Hydraulic components and accessories, cylinders - gear pumps - motors - VALVES


Our offices

UNIDRO CONTARINI is developing a true network of partners and brings together the skills of each partner to provide solutions appropriate for its clients while meeting technical and financial requirements.


Its dynamic, qualified, and available team knows how to implement all of the measures necessary to meet the needs of its clients and to guarantee them quality and respect for deadlines


   IPH international Group.  Groupe IPH International

Unidro Contarini covers a range of hydraulic products from motors and gear pumps to planetary motors, transmissions, hand pumps and reservoirs, valves and distributors, hydraulic generators, mobile filtration systems and reservoirs, faucets and diverters, fittings, etc. Our specialization in cylinders and all of their components includes most bearing attachment systems, oscillating base rod end bearings, connectors, sockets, forks, etc., guaranteeing you customized service.
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